• ATM-Web-940X225
  • PDM-Web-940X225
  • PD-Web-940X225
  • PLM-Web-940X225
  • Compress and time-shift radio programming in real time with ATM
  • PDM is profanity delay reinvented
  • Precision Delay offers up to four hours of delay with sample-level accuracy
  • Keep your programs on time, every time with PLM

About 25-Seven Systems

25-Seven's overriding goal is to allow radio stations and networks to better control their programming clock. We've addressed — and solved — some of the trickiest timing issues in radio broadcast. For example:

  • Stations no longer have to sacrifice "live and local" in order to hit a network post.
  • Callers who attempt to throw "F-bombs" on the air are never heard by listeners, while leaving the station with a license-protecting audio audit.
  • Analog and HD Radio are always in sync.

All 25-Seven products boast

  • Built in browser interfaces that let you configure and control them from anywhere
  • Livewire AoIP, plus superior quality digital and analog audio
  • Second-to-none, proprietary algorithms for transparent audio time compression/expansion
  • No fuzziness, no choppiness and no degradation of ancillary data
  • Operator-friendly interfaces — complex tasks are accomplished with just a few button presses

Audio Time Manager


Control Your Broadcast Schedule

  • Compress and time-shift programs in real time
  • Insert audio into live programs with no loss of content
  • Smoothly introduce random-starting events like press conferences and concerts
  • Generate extra ad and promotional inventory and revenue

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Program Delay Manager


Profanity Delay Reinvented

  • PD Alert™ instantly emails time-stamped audio files whenever Dump is pressed
  • Files capture what took place both on- and off-air
  • Seamlessly builds and exits delay
  • Configurable delay time, build and dump options
  • Delayed IP data, serial streams and GPIO sync’d to audio

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Up to 4 Hours, Sample Accurate

  • Time-shift and replay programs across multiple time zones
  • Keep HD Radio and analog signals in sync using mod monitor data
  • Preserves PPM watermarks during delay builds and exits
  • Sync transmission booster/repeater networks
  • Delayed IP data, serial streams and GPIO sync’d to audio

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Program Length Manager


Keep Programs on Time, Every Time

  • Stretch and shrink pre-recorded programs to fit a precise time slot
  • Pause and insert extra content
  • Simplifies back-timing, improves continuity, saves production time
  • Adjustable compression and expansion rates, external clock sync
  • Automation and master control friendly

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